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How We Can Assist You

Research and Market Information

Certification and Registration Assistance

Training and Capacity Building

Trade Promotion and Marketing

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Financial and Legal Support

Networking and Partnership Opportunities

Post-Shipment Support

Sustainability and Compliance

Support Available from Us

To successfully navigate the export procedure from Sri Lanka, a variety of support services are available to assist you:

1. Research and Market Information

We provide comprehensive research and market information services to help you identify export markets and understand new market trends. This includes access to trade data, market analysis reports, and industry insights.

2. Certification and Registration Assistance

We assist exporters in obtaining necessary certifications and registrations from relevant authorities such as the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI), Department of Commerce, and other regulatory bodies. This ensures that your products meet international quality standards and regulatory requirements.

3. Training and Capacity Building

We offer training programs and workshops on various aspects of the export process, including export documentation, logistics, international trade regulations, and best practices. These programs are designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of exporters.

4. Trade Promotion and Marketing

Our services include support for trade promotion activities such as participation in international trade fairs, trade missions, and buyer-seller meetings. We also provide guidance on developing effective marketing strategies to reach potential buyers.

5. Logistics and Supply Chain Management

We offer advice and support on logistics and supply chain management to ensure efficient and cost-effective transportation of goods. This includes guidance on selecting freight forwarders, optimizing shipping routes, and managing inventory.

6. Financial and Legal Support

Our financial support services include assistance with export financing options, risk management, and securing payment through methods like Letters of Credit (L/C). Additionally, we provide legal support to help exporters navigate international trade laws and resolve disputes.

7. Networking and Partnership Opportunities

We facilitate networking and partnership opportunities by connecting exporters with potential buyers, industry experts, and trade associations. This helps in building valuable business relationships and expanding market reach.

8. Post-Shipment Support

We provide post-shipment support to ensure smooth delivery of goods and timely receipt of payments. This includes assistance with documentation, customs clearance, and addressing any issues that may arise during transit.

9. Sustainability and Compliance

We offer guidance on sustainability practices and compliance with international environmental and social standards. This ensures that your export activities align with global best practices and enhance your brand reputation.

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